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CAS: Examples

Examples of CAS activities at Nørre Gymnasium

  • collection of money for the Danish Refugee Oganisation (Nørre G collected about 20.000 kroner), Red Cross, the Danish Cancer Organisation etc.
  •  baby-sitting in a café organised by the Danish Refugee Organisation
  •  cleaning windows in a refugee center
  •  participation in musical at Nørre Gymnasium
  •  operation dagsværk
  •  tutoring
  •  organisation of an Amnesty International Group and participation in meetings ad demos
  •  working for WHO
  •  participation in school choir
  •  participation in student council
  •  participation in National Young Leaders Conference
  •  participation in Model European Council
  •  participation in workshop: learning culture through dance and music
  •  helping in cultural festival
  •  preparing and speaking in a debate club
  •  working with disabled people
  •  sports activities (tennis, rowing, basket ball etc.)
  •  decoration of graduation van
  •  making banners and posters
  •  setting up an art exhibition
  •  preparing and performing a dance number
  •  translation