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CAS: Intro

WHY CAS? According to the IB philosophy international education must go beyond the provision of information alone and include the development of attitudes and values which transcend barriers of race, class, religion, gender or politics.

Through CAS, the student will find a counterbalance to the academic world.  Participation in theatre productions, sports and community service activities encourages the students to complement the academic disciplines of the curriculum and to provide balance to demands of scholarship placed upon the IB student. 

CAS is part of the diploma requirement and failure to meet the requirement will result in no diploma being awarded. A minimum of 150 hours during the two years, i.e. 3 to 4 hours per week with time distributed evenly among creativity, action and service.

Creativity may involve a wide range of arts and other activities as well as the creativity of the student to design and carry out service or other projects, i.e. establishing a debate club and monitor the organisation and rules for the club or taking initiative to creating a web site for the student group.

Action  can include participation in expeditions, individual and team sports and physical training as well as carrying our creative and service projects and training  for service.

Service is normally thought of as community or social service (environmental, international projects) but it may also involve tutoring other students.

During the CAS programme it is required that you also initiate and carry out a project, involving collaboration and the integration of at least two of creativity, action and service.

Each activity or project must be monitored for appropriateness, quality and student participation. Evaluation by the activity leader or the school and self-evaluation by the student is demanded.