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Forskerpraktik 2017
- Yvonne Hinrichsen

Projektets overskrift: Monte Carlo methods in radiation protection

Fagområde eller institut: DTU Nutech (Radiation Protection)

Relateret gymnasiefag: Kemi/Fysik – undervisning på engelsk

Kort resume: The students will be introduced to the basics of radiation protection, sources of radiation and the possible effects caused by radiation exposure. Small research projects will be performed by using a state-of-the-art Monte Carlo code.

Længere beskrivelse: To model the interaction of radiation with matter for complex problems nowadays so called Monte Carlo codes are used. In principal they perform a numerical experiment which means that the code follows individual particles from its source throughout its life to its death and averages over all of them at the end as the interaction of particles with materials depends on probabilities and hence every particle leads to a different result. By performing own calculations the students should find out about how radiation interacts with matter and depending on their interest they can focus on how e.g. different materials, particle energies or object geometries influence the final result.