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Information Evening 2016

A succesful Information Evening
Nørre G's annual Information Evening, where we present the pre-IB and the IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) for potential applicants and their parents, took place this Wednesday evening and was once again a success. Nørre G's fantastic showband set off the evening with an example of their talent playing and singing "You're No Good"

- but even though it was a great performance, our Headmaster Jens Boe Nielsen opposed this statement regarding to students and staff at Nørre G in his welcome to the guests. IB Coordinator Jutta Rüdiger who took over from there, continued along this line in her general introduction to the International Programmes at Nørre G.

The experience of the Pre-IB
Nimra, Volena, Marie and Sofie from our 1i/1j classes supplemented the Coordinator's information with live narration of their experiences from the first 6 months in the pre-IB at Nørre. Like all the students present they all wore the Nørre G T-shirt individually decorated with the flag of their nationalty.


Then the topic changed to the IB DP. Starting in 2i (or: IB DP1) is a new experience altogether - whether you have taken the pre-IB at Nørre or not. Josephine, Nita, Jakob, Helena-Cecilie and Simona could tell the guests many interesting things about this experience.


Student Guidance
At Nørre G we value having student counselling which is allocated specifically to the international programme students. Student Counsellor Cecilia Karlström presented the types of counselling we are able to offer.

Extracurricular Activities
Furthermore, we boast a great number of extracurricular activities at Nørre G, in which our international students form a major part. Students lined up and briefly presented the activities they each take part in.


Tour Guides and Subject Booths
After the joint event in the Assembly Hall, the guests were invited to visit the individual subject booths to ask information from the engaged students and subject teachers. We also had a team of student guides who were able and willing to show the guests around school and talk about their daily life as students of the international programmes at Nørre G.


We thank all our guests for taking an interest in the international programmes and spending an evening at Nørre G. We hope to see many of you as new students when the academic year begins in August.

Impressions from the evening: