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Theory of Knowledge lecture

Professor Mitch Cambell gave a lecture for the 3i class at Nørre Gymnasium. The title of the lecture was Dark Matters and Dark Energy and is related to the IB course Theory of Knowledge.

Professor Mitch Cambell at Nørre Gymnasium

The most interesting knowledge issue of his lecture at Nørre Gymnasium was the question ,"How can we know that Dark Matters and Dark Energy exist when we cannot see it?"

In his lecture, the professor also combined the description of the formality of experiments with the demystification of science, e.g. by stating that "quantification just means counting".

Professor Mitch Cambell at Nørre Gymnasium

Canadian Mitch Cambell has a Master of Science degree in Astrophysics  from The Niels Bohr Institute and is currently teaching at Copenhagen International School. He lectures and offers courses all around the World.