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CAS: Coordinator's Page

Papers to use for making your CAS folder Download the forms and after filling them out, place them in your CAS folder. Be sure to read the rules for the CAS folder and the guidelines about the CAS programme and evaluation of CAS activities. 

  • Why CAS in the IB system? General introduction to CAS in the IB programme. 
  • Intro to CAS - for the student. 
  • CAS form - activity self-evaluation form to be completed when you have finished an entire activity/project. Self-evaluation minor 
  • CAS proposal form - form to be completed and be approved by the CAS coordinator before you start an activity. 
  • CAS planning form - to use for getting an overview of your planned activities). 
  • CAS summary form - To use for summing up your activities a) first year around December and for the first year evaluation report. b) second year around December and for the final evaluation report. 
  • CAS final evaluation report instructions. 
  • Introduction to CAS diary and CAS file. Rules for CAS file. - Download it and read it carefully. 
  • Evaluation details - read it to get a general idea of what is meant by evaluation in CAS.
  • Performance Criteria. 

 Download all the CAS documents from the right hand side of this page where you can also find and contact your CAS Coordinators