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Application for Project Research Trainee 2017

On this page you can apply to participate in Project Research Trainee 2017 which takes place in the fall of 2017. Apply now while places remain!!

Who can participate?
You must be in your 1st or 2nd year now in order to participate.

Group application
If you are 2-5 students who want to apply to be in a group together, you must apply at the same time. Only one of you fills in the application form and enters the full name, class and school of the others in the fields 'i gruppe med'.

Which areas of study are available?
See who the researchers are and what their area of study is in the list via the link on the top right hand of this page (in Danish only). You must choose 3 priorities among the researchers

More information
If you need more information, please contact Charlotte Nielsen at or on 3058 6568.