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Film Festival 2014

On Thursday 15 May, this year's edition of the Nørre G Film Festival took place. At the Film Festival, which is carried out in full gala style with desired awards, the media students showed their films. At the festival, the following awards were given: 

The Honorary Award 2014: Langt ned (3d)
(Far down)
This award was given by the special honorary guest, Pernille Fischer-Christensen, whose new film, "En du elsker" (Someone you love), is currently playing in cinemas.

The winners from 3d come to the stage

Maria-Louise 3d gives her acceptance speach

The Award for best cut: Force Majeure (3b)
The award was given by film cutter Anne Østerud, who - among other films - has cut "Jagten", "Mænd der hader kvinder" and "En du elsker" (The Hunt/ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/ Someone You Love).

Film cutter Anne Østerud

The winners from 3b receive flowers. See the film here

The Former Students' Award: Force Majeure (3b)

Students from 4d give out their award

The Teachers' Award: Euro Wurst (2d)

Kristian from 2d receives the "klappetræet" ( 'Clapping tree'  or'Clapperboard')

The Audience Award: Brainstorm (2e)

The winners of the Audience Award from 2e. See the film here



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