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Film Festival 2017

Nørre's Big Media Event
The red carpet will be rolled out at Nørre Gymnasium on 10 May when this year’s great Film Festival takes place in the Sports Hall. The Media students have worked hard on their films most of the school year and they are always very excited for this event where they are up for awards.

Awards are given
As part of the audience you have the privilege of taking part in choosing the film which will be given the award for Audience Favourite. You just pick your favourite film after all the films have been shown. We have a range of other awards among these the Former Students Award, the Teacher Jury’s Award and the Guest of Honour’s Awards.

This Year's Guest of Honour
The Guest of Honour at This year’s Film Festival is documentary instructor Mads Ellesøe. Among his work are the documentary series 'Pind og Holdt i USA' (2012) as well as the documentaries 'Far, far krigsmand' (2009) and 'Børnesoldatens nye job' (2016). Read more about Mads and his work on his website: MadsMedia. Mads’ brother, Emil Ellesøe Ditzel, will also be at the festival. Emil is a former Media Student from Nørre G and won the Audience Award at Nørre's film festival in 2004. Emil is now a journalist at TV2. 


Café and film
We will warm up with a Festival Café from 15.00 hrs. and the Film Festival starts at 19.00 hrs. The entry fee is only DKK 30, so bring friends and family for a festive film evening!

Trailer and Facebook
See the festival trailer here and find more info on Facebook (in Danish)


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