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The first graduating student of 2014

 - three at once!!

The first graduating students have received their traditional ”Studenterhue” (Graduation cap) this morning. This year three students were “the first one” to graduate this year as Søren Schunck Thomsen from 3x, Maria Kortenbach from 3d and Zainab Nasrati from 3w passed their final exam at the same time. 

The families celebrate the students
The families of the three very talented students were anxiously waiting in the cantine which, according to Nørre G tradition, is festively decorated for the families and the students to celebrate. Here headmaster, Jens Boe Nielsen, will be ready the next three days to present the “Studenterhuer” to all the graduating students. 

Maria får huen på

The flag is raised
After the caps were securely placed on the students’ heads, they and their families joined the headmaster at the school’s flagpole to raise the flag in unison accompanied by cheering family members – another Nørre G tradition.

Flaget hejses af årets første studenter 2014

We congratulate Søren, Maria, Zainab and all the rest of the 238 students graduating at Nørre Gymnasium the next three days.

Graduation Ceremony on Saturday 28 June
Along with our 54 graduating students from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, who finished their exams in May, they will be celebrated at the graduation ceremony on Saturday at 10.00 hrs., when they will receive their diplomas. After the ceremony, the happy students will be sent off class wise on the traditional ride to visit all the families of their respective classes.

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