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UPDATE: The programme for the evening is here - it can also be downloaded from the top right 



We are lining up waiting for Saturday 24 April to arrive. This is when our annual FLE-party will take place - the great gala when the students dress up in formal wear and we all dance the'Lanciers'. FLE is a special Nørre G fenomenon, and the acronym means "Forældre, lærere og Elever"(in English: Parents, Teachers & Students)


The party takes place between 17.30-24.00 hrs. The classes pay for and bring dinner (beverages are brought individually), and the school supplies paper tablecloths, wastebin bags and cups/spoons for the coffee you bring. You must bring your own plates and cutlery. You dine classwise with your teachers and parents and clear up when dinner is over and then it is time for the Lanciers in the Sports Hall

- absolutely NO high heels, thank you!

After the Lanciers, Nørre All Stars will play in the Foyer for the young in body and at heart until all the students have gone on to the After Party.


  • Your class' decoration comittee can decorate your assigned room either Friday 15.35-17.00 hrs. or Saturday btw. 13.00-15.00 hrs.
  • According to tradition the classes invite their teachers to dinner - remember to invite them before other classes beat you to it.


Lanciers Evening for Parents
In order for the parents to be ready for dancing the Lanciers at the FLE-party, our Headmaster and his wife will teach the steps on Wednesday 27 April at 19.30-21.00 hrs. The event takes place in the Assembly Hall (Festsalen) and refreshments (beer/soft drink) will be served during the evening.




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