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Thanks for your visit with 3e

Our guests from George C Marshall High School are now back to their everyday life in the States near Washington DC. It is also back to normal for 3e, who were hosts for the Amarican group of exchange students.

We had planned a full program for our guests - and 3e - during the week they spent together in Denmark. Already on the day after their arrival, they went on an all-day trip north of Copenhagen to Louisiana and Kronborg. Several of the host families from 3e and 2d also participated. 

Monday was a school day. This way the American students and teachers could gain an insight into a day at a Danish Gymnasium (High school). The rest of the week was spent on excursions around the greater Copenhagen area with and without their hosts from Nørre G. See the complete programme here

The group from Marshall were here revisiting 3e in connection with the international profile of 3e's study programme. When our students went on their study trip in April 2014, they were hosted by students from George C Marshall High School.

Impressions from the visit in Denmark:

Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral view

Roskilde Cathedral upstairs

Viking ships

Viking ships lunchtime

Viking ship models

Introduction at Christiania

Introduction at Christiania - attentive students

Christiania guidet tour

Christiania guidet tour - banner

The Round Tower

Visiting the US Embassy - security check

Visiting the US Embassy - group photo

Kronborg Castle - group and guide

Kronborg Castle - Castle church

Kronborg Castle - Tower room

Riverbed exhibition at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art



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