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Information Evening - for new IB Diploma Programme students and their parents

On Tuesday evening, 26 August 2014, IB Coordinator Jutta Rüdiger welcomed the new cohort of IB DP students and their parents in the school’s Study Center. Together with student counsellor Paul Bjergfelt, she presented the concept, structure  and procedures in the 2-year cycle of this education. 

IB Coordinator at the 2014 IB DP Information Evening

For the school it is paramount to make all stakeholders feel well-informed about the elements that constitute the IB DP and to create an understanding of the rigour, challenges and expectations as well as the rewards and potential of this international programme with the motto “Education for a Better World”.

IB Student Counsellor at the 2014 IB DP Information Evening

Students in Year 1 of the IB Diploma Programme and their parents welcomed the opportunity to learn more about procedures during the next two years.

Listening attentively to the IB DP presentation 

During the concluding Q&A session, several parents took up the opportunity to inquire further on the topics.

Q and A Session at the 2014 IB DP Information Evening

Nørre G. has been accredited as IB world school nr. 598 in 1990 and is one of the approximately 4000 schools in 146 countries all over the world that offer the Diploma Programme.