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Sports Day Video

- Assembly September 2014

Project "Oprust" - Mental vulnerability
The first item on the agenda was a visit by Goran Tufekovic from the organisation "Det sociale netværk" (The Social Network). He told us about project "Oprust" (rearm / fortify), which is a free offer for teens who have close relatives who are psychically vulnerable. Find more information about Oprust on the organisation's website (in Danish). The website also has information about it's work in English, Turkish and Arabic. 

Oprust - Psykisk saarbarhed


Sports Day - Video and Winners
The main event at today's Morning Assembly was the unveiling of the winners of the Sports Day awards and the showing of 3e's Sports Day Video. First, we watched the fantastic video which captured the festive and committed spirit of Sports Day. Watch it here:

Idrætsdag 2014 from Webmaster Nørre Gymnasium on Vimeo.

After the video screening, the Team Award was presented. This year's happy winners were 3u and their Christmas theme. The class members were awarded with a certificate and candy to share. The close runners up were 3w's Hospital on 2nd and 2i's Bananas on 3rd place.

Idraetsdag 2014 - Team Award til 3u - Julestue

Last, but by no means least, the winners of the Sports Day competetion were announced. 3y won the trophy in front of 2y and 1t, who were in sharp pursuit. Along with the inscribed trophy, the winners received a certificate and candy. As a special treat, the winning class will be served ice cream by the headmaster and teachers during the lunch break tomorrow Wednesday 1 October 2014 - time to enjoy the taste of victory!

Idraetsdag 2014 - Pokal til 2y

Congratulations to you all!!



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