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Morning Assembly
- Results from the Sports Day

This week, the morning assembly took place in the Foyer. Mette Tangaa started the assembly with information about the day's first topic


...the "Stop Smoking Course"
Their booth is here for the fourth and last time on Tuesday this week. The representatives report a good result in student interest. Some have had help to stop smoking by visiting the booth for a talk and others have signed up for the course.

Results from this year's Sports Day
(Revisit images from the day here)
Team Spirit
The most important item on the assembly agenda today was the unveiling of the results from the Sports Day. First up was Helle to present the winners of the Team Spirit competition.


The results were close and had taken a long and hard deliberation to reach, but here they are:

  • on a shared 3rd place were 1t's Pirates and 3t's 'Orange is the New Black'
  • on 2nd place came 3u's Egyptians as well as Abu the camel and Pepper the donkey
  • and finally on a fine and October Festive first place we have 3b's Tyroleans

Congratulations to everyone and thans for the festive Team Spirit of the day.

The Points Trophy
Then Jørgen came on stage to present the winners by points who had their name engraved on the coveted Sports Day Trophy. All the top three classes were - mysteriously - from a certain study line.



They are

  • 1y at 3rd place with 236 points
  • 2y at 2nd place with 254 points, and finally
  • 3y at first place as trophy winners with a grand total of 270 points.

Extra yummy prize
Along with the honour of getting their class name on the trophy, 3y also won ice cream cake served to them by the sports teachers during the day's lunch break - big congratulations and Bon Apetit :)









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