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Morning Assembly
- visit from China

At the morning assembly today, our Headmaster, Jens Boe Nielsen, welcomed Nørre G's Chinese exchange partner school from Qinhuangdao. Our present 3k-class visited the school on their study trip in the spring and now they are hosts to a re-visit from 20 Qinhuangdao-students.



Acompanying the Chinese students are the school's Vice Principal, Mr. Xie Wenxin, the Party representative at the school, Mrs. Sun Wei as well as English teacher Mrs. Qi Na (a.k.a. Sarah).

First, 3k showed a film montage of their experiences in China, and afterwards 3k students and teachers and all the Chinese performed the song 'Tian Mi Mi' in Chinese.



See the travel journal and pictures from the former 2k's study trip to China in April (in Danish).



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