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Morning Assembly
 - Choir Concert 2017

Samples from the Berlin choir trip
Nørre G’s choir have been on a choir concert trip to Berlin from 19-23 April. To give us a taste of what the choir have shown in Berlin, today’s Morning Assembly was prolonged and dedicated to the choir. If you want to see the whole concert, you can see Nørre’s choir perform in Frihavnskirken on Sunday. You can download the Concert Poster on this page and find more info at the Kultunaut-site (in Danish).

The choir members presented the songs as they had done in Berlin – today in Danish. The repertoire included very different songs such as Shower the people (James Taylor, Engel (Rammstein), Life on Mars (Bowie), Give me Love (Ed Sheran), Chandelier (Sia). Alfred presents the first song in a mixture of Danish and German.


OD 2016 - Thanks for the work done and good earnings
Before the concert Mira told us that Nørres OD working students had collected as much as DKK 158.427,81. Thanks to everyone – especially 1c as the class with the most working hours.


Come to the KULT-café
Cari and Astrid from the Café Committee recommended going to the upcoming KULT-café on Thursday 4 May. The deadline for signing up and buying tickets has been extended to Friday 28 April.






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