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The morning assembly of the year 

The morning assembly of the year had many entertaining and interesting items on the agenda...

Café Nights
Trygve (3w) and Sofie (2u) informed us about the coming two last café nights of the year, which are arranged by the Activities Committee. The next one will be held on Friday 27 February, and the proceeds will be spent on extra great entertainment at the final café night of the year. Furthermore, we must decide on a new set-up for running of Caf-Maf and the café nights from the coming school year. There will soon be aquestionnaire on Lectio making it possible for everyone to have their say on the coming set-up. 


Fastelavn at Nørre
Zina og Linnea (2i) from the Lounge Committee presented "Fastelavn" at Nørre Gymnasium, which goes on tomorrow Wednesday 18 February at 14.00-17.00 hrs. in the girls gym. There will be dress-up, smashing of barrels and prizes.


Find more information in the video about the event:


3b's films
More films were on the agenda as Stefan and students from 3b presented and played two of the class' films from their media studies project in 2g.


Georg Mohr winner and diploma recipients
The grand finale of the day's morning assembly was when Michael Lund presented diplomas to Svend (3x), Mads (3x), Alexander (3x not present) and Asger (2i), who had all done well in the 2nd round of this year's Georg Morh Maths Competition.


Svend was even among the 25 winners and will be participating in the Winner's Seminar at the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Videncenter in Sorø on Sunday 1 March to Wednesday 4 March. Read more about the Georgh Mohr Maths Competition (in Danish) at their website.

The especially great pi year
Winding up the morning assembly, Michael urged us all to send an extra warm thought to our maths students on 14 March this year at p.26.53 hrs. :)
(pi: 3.141592653.....)

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