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Nysgerrige Nørre 2014

What is Nysgerrige Nørre? 
Nysgerrige Nørre - or Inquisitive Nørre - is for you who wants to know more about everything between Heaven and Earth and who finds it interesting to explore new territory. If you join Nysgerrige Nørre, you can take part in all our exciting events. If you participate in at least five events or more, you will receive a Nysgerrige Nørre diploma. 

How do I join Nysgerrige Nørre? 
Write a message in Lectio to Lise Grønlund (LG) or Kirsten Rosenkilde (KK) by 10 September if you interested in participating in Nysgerrige Nørre and the events.

Learn more about the programme
Download the pdf to the right to see the fall programme and get a preview of the spring programme(In Danish).


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