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Educational Readyness Test

Some students who have applied to the Stx have not been deemed ready by their school and student counsellor for an upper secondary education. These students must therefore take a test at their chosen Gymnasium, to evaluate whether they can be admitted. The applicable school will invite the applicants to the test by letter.

The test usually takes place near the end of March. Applicants to the Stx at Nørre Gymnasium (1st priority) must take the test at Nørre Gymnasium on the date specified in the invitation letter.

The test is written and the subjects of the test are Danish, English and Maths and the time for the test of each subject is 40 minutes.

After the test, some students will have to go to an interview at the school. The students concerned will receive information from Nørre Gymnasium about when and where to meet for the interview.

More information about the test can be found on the Danish version of this page.

NB: Applicants to the pre-IB may also be invited to an entrance test. Candidates for the pre-IB test are chosen from different criteria on the basis of their application, and this test is not the same as the Educational Readyness Test or 'Uddannelsesparathedsprøve' for the stx. The test may take place on a different date than the Stx-test, and invitations will be sent by email directly from the IB department.