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Saint MUN 2015

Nørre G's MUN society recently sent two delegates to Saint MUN in St Andrews. We bring a report from one of the delegates, Charlotte Thejll-Oxborrow from 3i:


As one of the lucky delegates, I can safely say that it was an extremely formative and illuminating experience. Saint MUN, being a university conference, proved to have a very high level of debate. Sara and I were in the Human Rights Council and the Economic and Financial Council, respectively. Here we got the chance to discuss issues ranging from debt sustainability and austerity measures, through to torture and water availability. I cannot stress enough how much I have learned, simply through meticulous research and preparation for debate, as well as listening to the multitude of opinions and insight provided by my fellow delegates.


The weekend's social events provided a respite from the fierce discussions and allowed budding friendships to be developed, across borders and universities. Personally, I feel greatly enriched by the friendships I have gained, as well as the sheer diversity of people I have met. 

Overall, Sara and I had a wonderfully challenging and rewarding weekend, at the end of which we managed to bring a "Distinguished Delegate" award home to the Nøg MUN society. 

The benefits reaped from this experience are surely a testament to the merits of MUN and to engaging in activities which are daunting and slightly outside of one's comfort zone.


Thank you for the report and congratulations with the distinguished award.