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Zoological Excursion with 2i & 3i

2i and 3i went on a biology excusion to the Zoological Museum on Thursday 24 September 2015. Here you can get an impression of their experiences and discoveries.

Bent Lindow from the Zoological Museum is an expert on bird evolution and explains how birds evolved from feathered dinosaurs


One of our first exercises was to find out what feathers are used for in extant birds and then hypothesize why they evolved among dinosaurs


The bird skeleton is an evolutionary masterpiece adapted for aerial life


The new ”missing link”?



Humans and Chimpanzees differ by less than 2% in their DNA



The teacher (Jakob) talks about whale biology and diversity with a Humpback whale to the left (incl. baleens) and a blue whale to the right


It is a 24 meters walk along the Blue Whale – the largest animal that has ever existed