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KULT celebrate 10-year anniversary  

The KULT partnership is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a great all-day event for students from all the four participating KULT-schools taking place at Nørre Gymnasium on 21 September.

At Nørre G, the students will work together in different workshops within the areas of drama, literature, design, architecture, documentaries and choir according to the creative subject in their study programme.

Students taking social and natural sciences will participate in a CPH:DOX Event in the Grand cinema where the focus will be on artistic presentation of science.

Find and read the programmes of the day on this page.

KULT stands for art and culture and is a partnership between four Copenhagen High Schools which all have a strong artistic and cultural profile. The goal of KULT is to further the development of the subject areas Visual Arts, Danish, Drama, Media and Music.

The KULT High Schools are 

  • Aurehøj Gymnasium
  • Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole
  • Nørre Gymnasium
  • Sankt Annæ Gymnasium

You can find more information about KULT (in Danish) on their brand new website or on Facebook.



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