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Morning Assembly 
 - Christmas Aid and the Nørre G run


Christmas Aid
First up on today’s Morning assembly were Signe 1w and Jakob 2d from KFS (Christian Association for Students) Who presented their Christmas Aid project of donating Christmas presents to children who would otherwise not receive any.

On Monday 4 December, a Christmas tree with read hearts will be set up. Here you pick a heart representing a gift for a specific child, buy a gift for DKK 150-200, and hand it in to Signe and Jakob during the following weeks. They will then take the gifts to the church where the children will have their Christmas party. To make sure that all children on the list receive a gift, only take a heart if you intend to donate. Make a group or class collection to make it easier to afford the donation.


The Nørre G Run winners
Second - and last - on the agenda were Nina and Mikkel. They presented the winners of the Nørre G Run, which took place on 25 October. All students in 3g ran routes of 2½, 5 or 10 km.


5 km Christian og Rasmus from 3y at 20.40 min.
10 km Valdemar 3e at 43.40 min.

5 km Cecilie 3t at 25.00 min.
10 km Isabella 3w at 53.10 min.


Class with most km
In 3c the students had run an average of 5,36 km pr. student closely followed by 3m with 3,19 km.

Altogether the students of 3g ran 1,111 km – almost all the way to the Eiffel Tower in Paris!!


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