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Many academic possibilities

Expand your academic horizon
At Nørre Gymnasium, you can expand your academic horizon in many ways! Read about the possibilities here and find accounts from other students in the news to the right (in Danish).

Find more extensive descriptions on the Danish veersion of this page.

Competitions in Mathematics and the Natural Sciences at Nørre G
Georg Mohr (Mathematics)

Find previous problems here and training tips and material here (in Danish)

Du kan se mere her.

The A-lympiad (Mathematics)

Find out more here here.

The Physics Olympiad

Read more here (in Danish).

The Chemistry Olympiad

More information here (in Danish) 

The Biology Olympiad

See more here (in Danish).

The Humanities

Dansk Filosofiolympiade

An annual essay competition (more info here in Danish) leading up to the International Philosophy Olympiad

You can see more here.