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Nørre G students to Melbourne, Australia

Along with Odsherred Gymnasium, Nørre Gymnasium has entered into an agreement with The University High School in Melbourne, Australia.

With this agreement, Nørre Gymnasium is able to send three students (and Odsherred two students) to Melbourne from around 21 January until 26 March. The students will be staying with the families of students at the high school and will attend school there for the entire stay. We will try to match host and guest students in advance regarding age, interests, etc. 

On 10 April, the Australian host students will arrive in Denmark to stay with their Danish guest students until 24 June. Nørre G will send a teacher with the students on the outbound journey and Odsherred will send a teacher to Melbourne to join our students for the journey back home.

Our students are a part of The University High School’s exchange programme in which students from Germany, Finland and Canada also take part in the lessons at the school.


The expenses for each of the three Nørre G students will be DKK 7,000.- which covers the flight fare to Melbourne. Besides this, it will be the students’ own responsibility to bring pocket money and, of course, they must be willing to be host for the Australian students during their return visit to Denmark.

In order to be eligible for participation, students must be able to not only be away from home for two months and follow lessons in English, at the same time they must be able to stay updated on the progression in their classes in Denmark (this will be arranged in cooperation with their teachers at Nørre G). 

In September, there will be a more thorough information meeting for interested students.

On this page, you download a presentation of the school and the city and a list of frequently asked questions. You can also visit University High Shool’s website for more information about the school.




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