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to Nørre G

For applicants to the Stx at Nørre Gymnasium

Application to the Stx at the school is done via and the deadline is 1 March. 

Applicants who choose Nørre Gymnasium as their 1st priority will receive a letter of receipt by email around 8 March. If you do not receive this, you should contact the school at 4494 2722. 

In May, information will be sent by e-post telling applicants whether or not they are admitted to Nørre G. Are you not accepted at Nørre G you will also receive a letter or an email from the school where you have received a place.

Specialized Study Programmes
As of the academic year 2017-18, students do not elect their Specialized Study Programme until October after a 3-month basic course.

More information
can be found on the Danish version of this page (click the flag).

Applying to our International Programmes
If you wish to apply to the  Pre-IB and IB DP, you can find information about the application process here.